“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” What if that’s true? Well, that would be an easy discipline to incorporate into your life. Some people get this wrong and practice “a candy bar a day…” No! The formula for failure is a few errors in judgment repeated every day. If you continue with your errors every day for a month, it starts you down the road to disaster. Now here is the formula for success… A few simple disciplines practiced every day. You can have a whole new life with a few simple disciplines practiced every day. If you decide today to go for the apple instead of the candy bar, then you have begun the process of turning your life around. If you keep up that process not only with your health habits, but with your money habits, and your communication habits, and with your sales habits, and your management habits, and every other habit that you’ve got, then you can start this process of life improvement immediately. After today, you don’t ever have to be the same again… only by choice. You might ask, “Is it that simple?” Yes! It’s that simple. Where else would you start, but with an apple. You don’t have to start with something staggering. What if you should be walking around the block for your good health and you don’t. What will that do in 6 years? I’m telling you, it could spell disaster. You could, and you should, and you don’t?? Here’s an even stronger word… You won’t? “Don’t” might mean you’re careless. “Won’t” probably means you’re stubborn. Either one is called disaster. Where should you start? Start by changing your personal philosophy. Start by amending your errors in judgment. It doesn’t matter where you are in life today. Your philosophy will determine if you go for the disciplines, or continue the errors that spell potential disaster. Everybody has it within their power to become capable, powerful, sophisticated, influential, healthy, and all the other characteristics you could possibly want for your life. Pick up the commitment, start where you can, and then go to the more complicated disciplines. The key is your philosophy. ~Inspired by Jim Rohn 
One day a lady on the radio was saying, “We can’t exercise because we can’t afford a gym membership.”  I thought, as you may be thinking, “That’s ludicrous!”  Of course, a gym can be enjoyable, but there is plenty we can do in our home.  The basics are always there for us: pushups, sit-ups, squats, one-legged squats, lunges, jumping, running in place, or pick-up something (like a travel bag) and curl it or press it above your head. Oh, and don’t forget to stretch – minimally we should all be able to touch our toes.  Sound overwhelming?  Start small, but do it consistently, and you’ll get better. Sound lame? Get creative! Learn some yoga poses. Learn some gymnastic tricks.  Make up your own stuff.  Aside from debilitating physical or mental ailments, the only reason we get fat is because of the habits we practice within the context of a flawed personal philosophy.  Point being… We don’t need a gym membership to stay in shape. "Convict Conditioning" is a great book fully of interesting exercises you can do in a small space, ranging from super easy to super hard.

You ever play that game as a kid, where you stick out your tummy really far, then suck it in so tight that your ribs stick out?  We would complement that trick by saying "Before. After." - like in the weight loss commercials.  As teen vanity set in, I learned it isn't so bad to have a nice looking slim tummy.  Now, for decades I've been telling people this little discussed secret of body shaping, "Stand up straight, pull your shoulders back slightly, and use the suck-in-your-gut muscle." It's so easy, and it really works, when combined with other healthy practices.  Sometimes I see people who look pretty good, and think, "If they would only adjust their posture, they would look great."